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​Copyright © 2017 Warren Giancaterino. All Rights Reserved. CBS Television City Resident Composer for On-Air Promotion Warren Giancaterino Primetime Shows The Agency The Amazing Race American Gothic Big Brother Brooklyn South Buddy Faro Cane Central Park West Century City Chicago…

Television Music Composed by Warren Giancaterino

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​Copyright © 2017 Warren Giancaterino. All Rights Reserved. Television Music Chicago Hope CBS Television Series (1994-2000) James Clavell’s Noble House NBC Television Mini-Series (1988) Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North CBS Television Movie (1989) Shopping Explore…

Television Soundtrack by Warren Giancaterino

Television Soundtrack

Television Soundtrack Original Compositions by Warren Giancaterino Title Reunion Delta Green Mile Mafia Over-Ruled To Kim With Love Tragedy Suite 1 Tragedy Suite 2 American Debutante Mummy’s Voodoo Television Soundtrack – Listen on Apple Music Shopping Explore Music Film Scores…